Benefits of Gypsy dance for mind, body and soul

Dance is life, dance is the need of the soul, dance is the development of man.

The soul wakes up in the dance.

A lot can be said about the dance, and even more about its benefits. There are so many different styles of dance on Earth. However, this article will go into detail about the Russian gypsy dance and its benefits for the dancers in terms of the soul, body and mind.

By its nature, the gypsy dance is very energetic and filled with complex technical elements. To perform tapping, footwork, body clapping, travelling steps and jumps, the dancer needs to have appropriate physical training. Female dance, in addition to posture, footwork, smoothness of hands and flexibility of the body, also requires the arm strength to work with a wide skirt in the dance. And often all this happens at the same time: hands move the skirt, and the feet tap the rhythm to the music. All this requires not only physical endurance and coordination of different parts of the body, but also the ability to hear the nuance of the music to catch the moments required for certain rhythms and accents.

In gypsy dance classes in London the training begins with the footwork, as it is the foundation of this style. Then other elements, such as hands, body clapping, shoulders, skirt, and shawls are added.
In the process of learning gypsy dance, the students improve their sense of musicality and rhythm, which allows them to feel the music more deeply and express the mood of the gypsy dance.

In the dance not only the body is involved, but also the mind and soul. After all, for the movements, rhythms and sequence of choreography, the brain is actively working to assimilate new information, including knowledge of the Gypsy people`s life and culture. And the soul subsequently actively participates in the creation and adaptation of new images in music and dance, realising creative potential. Often students surprisingly discover hidden abilities, talents and even new traits of character. They understand their body and soul better. Each student, depending on the nature and personality, develops his own unique manner of performance. After all, we are all different, which means that you can tell your own story in dance.

It is easy to see the physical advantages of the dance classes. But by visiting our dance classes you’ll also be able to experience the impact Gypsy dancing has on your mind and soul.

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