Stories From The Road

Read real stories from our Gypsy Dance Journey. Here we share experience which we built over the years of practising gypsy dance. We know that some of you will find it interesting so please leave your comments and ideas, share your own story from where you are on this road. We’d like to hear from you.

Why foundation?

Why foundation? Russian Gypsy dance foundation. The base of Russian Gypsy dance is the foundation on which your “dance house” is built. I compare [...]

Russian Gypsy Dance

Russian Gypsy Dance Russian Gypsy Dance is the youngest, the most vibrant and expressive type of Gypsy dances in the world, and is one of the most developed along with one [...]

What is Gypsy Dance?

What is Gypsy Dance? Gypsy dance group in London There are many types of dancing out there. Gypsy dance in UK seems to be something new, but it’s actually one [...]

Character Dance

Character Dance Character dance is a specific subdivision of classical dance. It is the stylized representation of a traditional folk or national dance, mostly from European countries, and uses movements and [...]

Men Dance

Men Dance In humans, dance is a set of intentional, rhythmic, culturally influenced, non-verbal body movements that are considered to be an important aspect of sexuality and courtship [...]

“Dance is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

“Thank you for such wonderful workshop, full of joy and energy. I never had such a lovely dancing experience before, just fell in love with your personality and dance”.

Sue Mutter

“The music, singing and dancing all added to the festive atmosphere of our celebration. Besides the high level of professionalism and skill the members of the troupe showed a genuine enthusiasm for their craft. On every level we were very pleased with our choice in having selected the Gypsy Dance UK to help us mark the 50th Birthday Party”.


“It was a pleasure having you at the Space Theatre, I thought the show was stunning, an incredibly talented group and performed with joy despite the heat”.

Sarah Berger

“Why did the spectators of the Space Theatre left the venue yesterday with joyful and enlightened faces, having previously hurt their hands with applause? They so vividly expressed grateful emotions from watching the musical-drama performance “When we were birds”.

Adam Hemming

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