About Yagori

“There’s only one place I want to go and it’s to all the places I’ve never been. Gypsy road will bring me there, 

although it never ever ends”

Our Story

Saeeda started Gypsy Dance Classes in London in 2012 which led to establishing first Gypsy Dance & Music Company in United Kingdom.

Officially the dance and theatre troupe “Yagori” was established in 2016. Based in London, “Yagori” currently performs in cities across the UK and  Europe.  Although still a very young company, “Yagori” has already gained recognition and a following in Britain and abroad. ”Yagori” dancers have performed at a variety of prestigious cultural events and venues in London, including: the Rudolf Steiner Theatre, Lost Theatre, RichMix, Rossotrudnichestvo (Cultural quarters of the Russian Embassy), Victoria & Albert Museum, Romani Museum of UK, Museum of London Docklands, Hackney Council, UK Gypsy Council, “VAULT” London`s biggest Theatrical Festival, Baltic Summer Festival, the Central Asian International Festivals at UCL and the Yunus Emre Turkish Institute in London, Stars of Albion International Festival and Contest, and the International Folk dance festival in Greece.

In addition to performing, “Yagori” is the only dance school in London that offers high-standard tuition in traditional Russian Romani/Gypsy dance to all interested, irrespective of age or gender.  The founder of “Yagori” studied under the guidance of one of the members of the professional Romany/Gypsy theatre troupe “Romen”, based in Moscow.

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“I think, dance itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone is a great dancer inside.”


Our dance performances

Balkan Gypsy dance by Saeeda Kasym with London Gypsy Orchestra

Russian Gypsy/Romany dance “Brichka” by Yagori dancers

Fire dance, the scene of the ” Gypsy Flame” theatre production presented in VAULT Theatrical Festival in London. Russian Gypsy/Romany dance “Vengerka Fusion” by Yagori dancers

Russian Gypsy/Romany dance “Cumaile” with tambourines by Yagori dancers

Egyptian Gypsy/Romany dance, Ghawazee with sticks and finger cymbals by Yagori dancers

Russian Gypsy/Romany dance “Nane Cokha” with shawls by Yagori dancers

Russian Gypsy/Romany dance “Sare Patrya” by Yagori dancers

Behind The Scenes

For every event we anticipate in we work very hard to make it the best we can. And we always do, because we love music, dancing and create something extraordinary which, with Gypsy Dance style is easy, as it is extraordinary by it’s nature! 

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