About Yagori

“There’s only one place I want to go and it’s to all the places I’ve never been. Gypsy road will bring me there, 

although it never ever ends”

Our Story

In 2012, a seed of cultural exploration was sown in London with the establishment of Saeeda’ s Gypsy Dance classes. This initiative, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, aimed to preserve and share the traditions of Russian Romani/Gypsy dance. Yagori, the UK’s first Gypsy Dance & Music company, formed in 2016 after the program’s initial success.

Based in London, Yagori has quickly gained recognition for its captivating performances, captivating audiences not only within the city but also across the United Kingdom and Europe. Despite its relative youth, the company has established a strong reputation and a dedicated following. Yagori dancers have graced the stages of prestigious cultural institutions such as the Rudolf Steiner Theatre, The Space Theatre, Lost Theatre, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Romani Museum of the UK. Their artistry has also been showcased at esteemed festivals like VAULT Festival, London’s largest theatrical celebration, “Woman and War” International theatre Festival, Central Asian International Festivals, the International Folk Dance Festival in Greece and other cultural events.

Yagori‘ s dedication extends beyond performance. It is the sole dance school in London offering high-calibre instruction in traditional Russian Romani/Gypsy dance, welcoming students of all ages and backgrounds. This commitment to education ensures the preservation and transmission of this rich cultural heritage. Notably, the company’s founder honed her skills under the tutelage of a renowned artist from the esteemed Moscow-based “Romen” professional Romany/Gypsy theatre, guaranteeing authenticity in Yagori’ s artistic expression.

Yagori, a vibrant force in London’s art scene, is shattering stereotypes. Not only do they captivate audiences with electrifying Romany dance and theatre performances, but they’re now orchestrating captivating cultural evenings. Imagine international singing stars illuminating the stage, their voices a bridge between cultures, as they unveil the mesmerizing depths of Romany heritage for the British public. Yagori brings Romany culture to life in London’s arts scene.

Summer 2023 witnessed a cultural explosion in London, ignited by Yagori at the Romany Festival in Bradford and “Gypsy Nights” in London. Yagori’ s ground-breaking event shattered the mould, uniting renowned Romany singers from Poland, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, the UK, Belarus, Latvia, and Russia for a powerful global symphony. The audience, captivated, went beyond entertainment on a cultural discovery journey. Yagori ignited a passion for Romany culture, setting a new standard for exploration in the UK. No other company has dared to showcase the multifaceted beauty of Romany heritage with such vibrancy and quality

The magic of Yagori‘ s summer event lingers, and the future shimmers with promise. Throughout 2024, they’ll ignite a UK-wide cultural firestorm. Expect captivating events in London and beyond, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Romany music. Building on their summer’s success, Yagori promises an even more spellbinding experience, captivating hearts and igniting a deeper passion for this extraordinary culture.

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Our dance performances

Balkan Gypsy dance by Saeeda Kasym with London Gypsy Orchestra

Russian Gypsy/Romany dance "Brichka" by Yagori dancers

Fire dance, the scene of the " Gypsy Flame" theatre production presented in VAULT Theatrical Festival in London. Russian Gypsy/Romany dance "Vengerka Fusion" by Yagori dancers

Russian Gypsy/Romany dance "Cumaile" with tambourines by Yagori dancers

Egyptian Gypsy/Romany dance, Ghawazee with sticks and finger cymbals by Yagori dancers

Russian Gypsy/Romany dance "Nane Cokha" with shawls by Yagori dancers

Russian Gypsy/Romany dance "Sare Patrya" by Yagori dancers

Behind The Scenes

For every event we anticipate in we work very hard to make it the best we can. And we always do, because we love music, dancing and create something extraordinary which, with Gypsy Dance style is easy, as it is extraordinary by it's nature! 

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