Rhythm & Dance Night 2024

The London’s Rhythm & Dance Night Explodes on September 7th!

Rhythm & Dance Night: A Cultural Firestorm Sweeps the UK! September 7th, London & Beyond

Experience the fiery passion of Romany music & dance at the unforgettable Rhythm & Dance Night! Witness electrifying performances celebrating Romany heritage with renowned singers from across Europe:

  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • France
  • & More!

Plus, a Romany Superstar! Don’t miss the legendary Mr. Andrei Gordienko – Hanar Balanchuk  grace the stage in the UK!

Unleash Your Inner Dancer: Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of music and movement. From heart-stopping solos to captivating group routines, the Event promises a night you won’t forget.

Indulge in All-Inclusive Luxury:

  • Meal: Savour a full-course gourmet meal featuring tantalizing starters, a delectable main course, and a decadent dessert. (Soft drinks included)
  • Lucky chance: Enter our exciting raffle for a chance to win incredible prizes!
  • Live Entertainment: Immerse yourself in a captivating concert
  • Dance the Night Away: Let loose and groove on our spacious disco dance floor with a pumping DJ!

Parking is available!

Don’t miss out on this epic night of fun, food, and entertainment! Get your tickets!

DATE & TIME: 7 September 2024 at 16:00 pm

VENUE: Banqueting Hall, 54 The Market Square, London N9 0TZ

TICKETS: £125 per person

Rhythm & Dance Night TICKETS

Please contact Nikolay for any questions on 07549916385

Our Featured Artists

Andrei Gordienko – Hanar Balanchuk: A Life Woven in Melody

Andrei Gordienko  known as Hanar Balanchuk is a captivating author-performer, musician, and artist who draws his inspiration from the rich tapestry of Romany culture. He has become a widely recognized figure throughout Europe, mesmerizing audiences with his artistry.

Andrei Gordienko – Hanar Balanchuk ‘s talents have graced countless stages across the continent. His captivating performances have been a mainstay on various Russian television channels, where he continues to enthral viewers with his music.

The Gipsy Band : A Musical Journey Rooted in Family

The Gipsy Band, established in Rouen by Matthias Malhé and his cousin in 2003, blends Romani passion with the influence of the Gipsy Kings, creating a captivating sound that has resonated with audiences for over two decades.


Osennya Rosa, Annet and Snezhana

Sisterly harmony: Their voices intertwine in a stunning duet

From Sprouting Ensemble to Blossoming Duet: The Legacy of Osennya Rosa (Autumn Dew). In 1999, under the nurturing guidance of Alexander Stoyanovich, a family sprouted its musical wings – the “Osennya Rosa” ensemble. Time, like the changing seasons, brought a new chapter. In 2022, the ensemble transformed, with sisters Annet and Snezhana carrying the melody forward as a captivating duet known around the world. Their journey continues, a testament to the enduring spirit of “Osennya Rosa” and the power of music that blossoms through generations.

Yani Schella: The Voice of Romany Blues

Yany Schella, a Swedish singer-songwriter, blends bluesy riffs with his Romani roots, creating a sound that resonates throughout Europe.

Liza: Born with music in her blood

The Polish Romany singer ignites stages across Europe. This daughter of artistry is a captivating songstress, a lyrical weaver, and a dancer whose grace embodies her music. Having graced the screens of countless television programs, Liza’s artistry transcends borders, captivating audiences with every electrifying performance.

Krystiano Kowalski: A Voice Rooted in Romani Soul

Hailing from Poland, Kristiano is a captivating singer who weaves his Romani heritage into vibrant tapestries of folk music. His soulful voice carries the stories and traditions of his people, bridging cultures and igniting audiences with an irresistible passion.

Vasily Zhadan: Strong voice and Charisma

Vasily Zhadan not only has stunning vocal data, which already in childhood predetermined his future, as well as the composer and generator of ideas to write texts.
Extensive experience, energy and gypsy blood helped him conquer new peaks, win prizes at international festivals and all -Ukrainian competitions.
Vasyly’s voice is unique, diverse and recognizable from the first notes, and his songs are full of passion and love for life.
Music for Vasily is not only a profession, music – his life, song – his soul!

Yagori Gypsy dance & music group UK: A kaleidoscope of colours and energy!

Experience the Untamed Spirit! Yagori ‘s Gypsy performances pulsate with raw energy and undeniable passion.