Dance Is Life

After all, where there are Roma (Gypsies), there is always dancing, singing and joy. The music for the dance is performed on local instruments, which have been changing and evolving over the centuries. Gypsy dance is bright for its improvisation, freedom, energy and passion.



Theatre Productions

Stories From the Road

Read real stories from our Gypsy Dance Journey. Here we share experience which we build over the years of practising gypsy dance. We know that some of you will find it interesting so please leave your comments and ideas, share your own story from where you are on your life journey.


Thanks so much for being involved with the festival, it was a pleasure to have such a diverse range of offerings and Sarah and I hope you enjoyed your time with us. And Sarah and I both agree that it was an absolute highlight of the festival – we both thoroughly enjoyed it, we wish more people had seen it!”

Dave Spencer

“So full of joy and amazing energy, intricate footwork, colour and total brilliance! They brought the house down at the end of the first half of the show!”

Dave Spencer

“It was a pleasure having you at the Space Theatre, I thought the show was stunning, an incredibly talented group and performed with joy despite the heat.”

Adam Hemming

“Thank you for such wonderful workshop, full of joy and energy. I never had such a lovely dancing experience before, just fell in love with your personality and dance.”


“Saeeda is the truly knowledgeable and passionate teacher. In Gypsy dance class we learn from the most basic steps to the dynamic expressive movements for the choreographies!”

Mikiyo Joyce , Your Content Goes Here

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