Private Gypsy dance classes

I am sharing the information to help people to discover more about the beautiful art of the Romany people.

Russian Gypsy dance private tuition can be Live or via Zoom

PRIVATE GYPSY DANCE CLASSES allow you to learn one to one with your teacher according to your personal needs and your speed. Private classes is the best way to focus on the details needed for your further development as a dancer and/or artist and is a fast and qualitative way to learn and develop your dancing skills.

You can book Private Gypsy dance classes with Saeeda via Zoom if you live in a different country, or live one to one tuition.

Book your Private Gypsy dance classes via ZOOM. You can book 1 class, set of 5 classes or 10 classes with a discount.

Private classes via Zoom

“If you want to challenge yourself in 2023, do it with Fiery Gypsy Dancing!”


What to wear in the class

Any top and training pants/leggings which allow you to move freely. Both ladies and gentlemen will also need Flamenco shoes for tapping and footwork. But if you do not have shoes yet, don`t worry, still come to the class and take any shoes with a little heel.

Skirt techniques and movements are usually followed  after the foundational knowledge.  

Russian Gypsy dance classes are a great way to get fit and express yourself through the art. 

 Behind The Scenes