The Gypsy Flame Theatre Production

The Gypsy Flame Still Smoulders: A Triumph at VAULT Festival 2020

Remember the electrifying “The Gypsy Flame” that ignited VAULT Festival? Yagori’ s captivating production left a lasting impression, captivating audiences with its fiery energy and rich exploration of Romany history.

A Journey Revisited: This past production took audiences on a thousand-year odyssey, exploring the unwavering spirit of the Romany people. Witnessing the vibrant music, fiery dance, and unique customs, audiences gained a deeper appreciation for this resilient culture.

Critically Acclaimed and Emotionally Charged: “The Gypsy Flame” garnered rave reviews, lauded for its ability to not only entertain but also illuminate the Romany experience. The show’s emotional depth left audiences deeply touched, creating a lasting connection with this captivating story.

While “The Gypsy Flame” may have concluded, its embers still glow. Perhaps we, Yagori will revisit this powerful production in the future. In the meantime, stay tuned for our upcoming performances, where we’ll continue to celebrate Romany culture through our captivating artistry.

Critics and Crowds Agree: The Gypsy Flame Was a Must-See 

“The wedding scene and the finale are triumphs of skirt swirling stamping zest”

“ the performances are largely superb. Saeeda Kasym fizzles with energy and life, an incarnation of the gypsy spirit she so badly wants to portray, and her other principal dancers fill the stage with energy and joy. The wedding scene and the finale are triumphs of skirt swirling stamping zest. And Kasym’ s solo is strong, tender and full of defiant pride”

“ The Gypsy Flame has a vibrant and captivating life.”

“The dance style is full of elements of flamenco, with hints of Russian traditional dance, two styles that the show tells us developed because of the travels of the Roma. But it has its own identity, not often seen here. It is truly fascinating“

“ it’s a story that needs to be heard.”